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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.tonight at eleven. >> we're following the developing story of the sexual assault allegations against 49ers wide reciever michael crabtree.
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san francisco police are investigating the incident that is said to have taken place at a san francisco hotel early sunday morning. crabtree is cooperating in the investigation and has not been detained or arrested. this comes less than 48- hours before kickoff. of the n-f-c championship game between the 49-ers and the atlanta falcons sunday. the 49ers released a statement on the incident that says. quote - "we are aware of the allegation against michael. and understand that he has fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters very seriously. we will have no further comment at this time. as the legal process is ongoing. additional requests for comment should be directed to michael's attorney." gary will have more on the 49ers ahead in sports. >> authorities in the east bay searching for a teenage girl who may have run off with with an older man. 13-year- old delicia moreno. pictured on your screen. was last seen yesterday in hayward. leaving for school. but she
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never showed up. kron 4's dan kerman shows us her friends and family's attempt to spread the word of her disppearance. >> the family and friends of delicia moreno have continued to pass out fliers to the last time she was seen was dropping off reimburse mr. at a burbank elementary school. she thinks that she could of voluntarily could have gone with a 22 year-old boyfriend. they live in the same apartment building. the mother however, thinks that morris and mr. could have happened to. >> a 22 year-old is not a boyfriend, he is a predator preying on my daughter. >> she made brownies the night before and i had a conversation about what she was going to where the next
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day. there was no indication that she was going to run away. she did not take anything with her. there are several easy exits near this pleasanton home on mission drive. it sits next to a park with a green belt. there is also a side street a few yards away. ron bolt and his wife have lived in this home more than 40 years. and, for the first time, last friday. bolt says before noon. someone broke through the front door. and, stole thousands of
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dollars worth of stuff. including a laptop. >> they took the jury box and a toolbox that they got for christmas and a--jewelry box. >> reporter: bolt says he noticed someone suspicious driving through the area that day. but didn't think much of it. he says he doesn't know if that's the person who robbed him. >> somebody got in the driveway got in and out fast. >> reporter: but says the next time he notices someone out of the ordinary near his home. he'll give police a heads up. in pleasanton, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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>> san francisco police are investigating a fatal car accident involving a pedestrian. it happened around 5:45 at the corner of howard and seventh street. when police arrived on scene they found a woman in her 40's had been struck and killed by at least one car that was going through the intersection. police shut down surrounding streets for hours to conduct the investigation. the drivers of two separate cars were questioned and cooperated with police during the investigation. >> in the second and final part of oprah winfrey's interview with lance armstrong. the now banned cyclist described dopings affect on his familial life. ralitsa vassileva breaks down the interview. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m >> reporter: and this is second part that was broadcast on friday lance
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armstrong has described how his life has fallen around them. notably how one of his children had been depending him. >> i told luke, i said.. apause) device to do not defend to me anymore. >> reporter: the most humbling was said to sever ties with the wildly successful live a strong foundation that he started. >> that was like my sixth child. to make that decision and to step aside that was big. >> reporter: 44 3 million viewers tune in to hear him finally admit that they used performance enhancing drugs and even underwent
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performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions. his record victory of seven consecutive titles and also is a lebron smile. all strip. this lifetime-and also, -- of olympic bronze medal. he would like to be reintroduced back into the world of cycling. >> perhaps this is not the popular comment but i think that i should be allowed back in. >> reporter: they would say that he would confess under oath not to oprah winfrey winfrey. ralitsa vassileva... reporting. >> 30's in vallejo. 30's in santa rosa but still 40's
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and '50's in the san francisco. as we go for the rest of this evening temperatures will plummet. as we get closer to morning look for 20's in the north bay valleys. of for 30's and 40's by the bay. and another cold night with mid-30s. but nice and warm weather coming up with your full forecast. >> pam: the american hostage crisis continues in algeria after a rescue attempt turns deadly. we have the latest. >> then. a judge hands down the verdict of a man convicted of killing his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend. plus. >> those invasive body scanners could be getting the boot from airports. we explain why. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> the obama administration has rejected an offer to free two americans held by militants in algeria. in exchange for convicted terrorists. it has also been confirmed. one u-s worker has been found dead at the b-p
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natural gas plant seized by extremists. algerian forces launched a rescue operation yesterday. 650 workers were reportedly set free. a dozen others have been killed. secretary of state hillary clinton gave a statement on the situation earlier today. . let us not forget the this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. they are the ones of assaultive this facility, that have taken hostage algerians and others from around the world. >> pam: algerian state-run media says there are more hostages at the gas field complex. including americans. but the exact number is unclear. officials say at least twelve hostages have been killed, the militants say the number is almost triple that. at 35 deaths. >> sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s.
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nearly 70's in oakland and we could be warmer. with your holiday
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>> prosecutors in santa clara county are weighing. whether to file charges against a san jose woman, who they say, made up an attempted kidnapping. the woman initially told police a man tried to snatch her daughter from her arms outside her home tuesday evening.
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police noticed some inconsistencies in the mother's story and after re-interviewing her. the mother admitted it was all a hoax. the father of the toddler says this isn't the first time his ex has lied like this. >> she even went as far as to solicit donations for my daughter's treatment for leukemia. setting up a bank account, her out of state family donated about 2 thousand dollars towards my daughter's care. she was confronted by her best friend as to what taylor's treatments are and that's when she came clean. >> this is the first time people outside of my family are getting to see the type of monster that she is. earlier this week, araujo told police a man tried to kidnap her daughter from in front their home and she got into a tug-of-war until she got a hold of the toddler and ran inside. police put time and resources into finding the man on the run. we were not able to get in touch with police to find out if she'll be facing charges. >> last year it was leukemia, this year it's the kidnapping, the year before that it was domestic violence, the year before that it was domestic violence with cps and san jose pd coming to the house to inspect one of my daughters. it's just been an ongoing struggle and i'm frustrated and tired. >> police put time and resources into finding the made-up kidnapper only to find out it was all a lie. the father of the toddler says he is relieved his daughter didn't actually go through the traumatic experience but that he is still disappointed with the turn of events.. the duo has two children together and have been in a custody battle for years. wordlaw says he wants to take his children out of the equation until their mother has been mentally evaluated >> the man who gunned down two people on the richmond-
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san rafael bridge toll plaza back in 2009-- is sentenced to death. nathan burris received the death penalty after an emotional hearing in martinez. burris was convicted of killing his former girlfriend and her male friend- who he believed were romantically involved. >> this is a computer image of a generic human body that the new airport security scanners will display now that congress has mandated that the t-s-a replace the old x-ray scanners at u.s. airports. the old ones reveal graphic images of the naked body which concerned many travelers here in the bay area oakland international is one of two airports still using the old scanners and passengers there tell kron4 they welcome the change >> i think that it is a good thing. it shows that t s a actually shows a bit of sincerity. >> i think that it is good if you did not have anything to hide. they both worked
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effectively. >> because they have the privacy borders sybarite's. >> san jose mineta airport also has the old security scanners at both of its terminals. congress has given the t-s-a. a june 2013 new scanners nationwide borders -- several writes. -- >> pam: civil rights-cal- trans will begin repairing the bay bridge fender system which was damaged earlier this month, this coming tuesday- january 22nd. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. of when the bridge was struck by an oil tanker. crews will replace the damaged fender sections, which are constructed of steel and recycled plastic. the project is expected to last about four- and a -half months. and costs up to three- million dollars. we're now getting a closer look at some rescue video of a skier. buried by an avalanche at lake tahoe last month you can see from this helmet cam video, the buried skier was able to put a hand up
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above the snow surface. and then brush snow away from his airway until he was freed. the skier acknowledges mistakes were made by him and his rescuers, including skiing above a ridgeline prone to slides. not having proper training for such a scenario. and not equipping all party members with rescue gear. he says, he wants others to learn from his mistakes. >> we have a clear skies and because it is clear and in the winter is going to plummet. freezing. this live look at the bay bridge is clear. we will continue to see clearer conditions with sunny. a cold start with 20's and 30's. a warm afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. similar for sunday and a similar on martin luther king. with
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highs in the 60s. if there are four degrees to days that will be carbon copies. mid-60s for the south bay. 60s in san jose, fremont. look for highs in the upper 50s and 60s a little bit cooler. east, the cooler the temperatures will get it. fairfield, and san francisco and the north bay all of the low 60s. also, daly city, san bruno, san mateo. looking ahead as i mentioned, pretty much all the same beach. sunshine, cold mornings 20 inland, the same-davies. with and even possible 60s. with changes and the chance for some light rain. >> pam: visitors to california beaches are being asked to be extra careful
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when they are near the water this weekend. the weather is expected to bring warm, powerful waves. the coast guard and the national park service. are both warning swimmers and boaters. to be on the lookout for rip tides and sneaker waves that could reach up of 20- feet. the weather is good news for spectators who are headed to the mavericksurf contn bay on sunday. >> coming of bins boards one of their star players has some serious allegations of of their star players has some serious allegations of sexual athere is noing mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. save $500 on our special edition bed set.
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>> good evening, everybody michael crabtree will be playing despite the san francisco police department investigating allegations of a sexual assault. this reportedly happened early sunday morning over the green bay packers' victory. michael crabtree has been interviewed and is being cooperative. he has not been detained or are rested and he is expected to be in the lineup on the sunday. he has not-been arrested the team will enter probably around
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a four. favorite. four points favored. that is a strong indication that the gamblers to think that the 49ers are eight dominant team. frank gore and kaepernick. the final words. >> is a big challenge. it is a big task. to play the atlanta falcons. people have said some nice things about us. the color of sports illustrated is very nice. the copper-of sports illustrated. and that it is not change anything about what our job is. to make the cover of sports illustrated. >> this is what we make for off and on season i do not even have time to stop and
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think right now. >> we have j. r. stone filing reports in atlanta over the weekend. and we are thinking of the community. and the people that watch kron. >> and we are doing it for the people. and pam moore is the backbone of kron. >> gary: however, it when it means so much for people. we will be here for the people for the weekend.
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crabtree has been interviewedand has ""we are aware of the allegation against michael fully cooperated with authorities. we will have no david lee goes up strong fortim duncan falls down gets clock. 88-84 spurs 2 minutes left/ 88-84 spurs tony parker curls off the final: 95-88 spurs womens hoops - stanford/ ucla tara vanderveer81-game conference winning streak chiney ogwumike gets the amber orrange with the michael douglas "falling putter along the way >> buster posy, will be playing. and also hunter
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pants will be playing. and this could be perhaps just a holding contract of $8 million per game. television says to put it on at noon on fox for the 49ers. i will see you on sunday. the people that are care are the watching and i will be watching >> pam: good night, everybody! lo

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